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At Himark Speech and Voice, we take a holistic and personalized approach to voice therapy. We collaborate with our clients to understand who they are, where they are coming from, and what their goals are. Together, we will address the physical aspect of communication as well as the mental, emotional, and social aspects. We work with teens, adults, and the geriatric population to provide evidence-based solutions that support our clients in achieving their goals.


Our voice therapy services will typically begin with a consultation or evaluation to understand your current vocal presentation and challenges. Following the evaluation, we will review the results and collaborate to develop a plan of care that will address all areas of need. 

Once therapy begins, we will provide you with home practice programs to optimize your success. At Himark Speech and Voice, we are dedicated to providing the highest quality of individualized care in a welcoming and comfortable environment. 

Voice + LSVT

Voice Therapy

Voice therapy utilizes evidence-based strategies to help you maintain the health and resiliency of your voice, heal from vocal pathologies such as nodules, or chronic hoarse voice, and strengthen your voice as you age so you feel more confident no matter where you are speaking.

  • Heal from vocal pathologies such as nodules, or chronic hoarse voice 

  • Strengthen your voice as you age 

  • Strengthen and heal your vocal cords

  • Learn about general vocal health 

  • Learn strategies to help improve vocal endurance 

  • Feel more confident while you are speaking out in the courtroom, singing at your next gig, acting in your next role, narrating your next audiobook, teaching in the classroom, or leading an exercise class

  • Develop and learn how to add in a brief vocal warm-up and cool down to your routine

​Common disorders we treat:

  • Muscle tension dysphonia

  • Vocal nodules, polyps, and cysts

  • Vocal cord paralysis

  • Spasmodic dysphonia

  • The aging voice or presbyphonia 

LSVT for Parkinson's

Debra is trained in both LSVT and SPEAK OUT!®. LSVT has been scientifically researched with level 1 evidence over the past 25 years with funding from the National Institutes of Health. SPEAK OUT! is an evidence-based therapy approach developed by the Parkinson Voice Project. Both programs combine education, individual speech therapy, and home practice to help people with Parkinson’s improve the strength, loudness, and clarity of their speech and voice. 

During the therapy program, we work through a series of speech, voice, and cognitive exercises that are functional to your daily life.

If you are experiencing any of the challenges listed below, contact us to learn more about LSVT or the SPEAK OUT! program.

  • Reduced volume, difficulty raising your voice

  • Hoarse-sounding voice

  • Frequent throat clearing

  • Lack of endurance to complete full sentences or participate in conversations

  • Some days the voice sounds normal; other days it doesn’t

Gender Affirming Voice Therapy

Developing and maintaining a healthy, natural sustainable voice requires support, training, and practice. Debra will guide you in assessing and adjusting your pitch, inflection/intonation, and resonance, as well as non-verbal communication, to create a communication style that aligns with who you are.

  • Explore what it means to have your voice and speech to match who you are 

  • Bring out the best version of yourself through refining your communication style

  • Build and improve self-confidence in all communication environments 

  • Explore pitch, voice, intonation, resonance, style in a safe space

  • Avoid vocal strain and developing habits that can harm your voice

  • Learn about vocal health, and learn how to keep your voice healthy 

Voice Therapy in Morristown
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