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Voice Therapy in Morristown


Work with an experienced speech-language pathologist and accomplished actor to achieve your goals.

Specializing In

Gender Affirming Voice Therapy • Voice Disorders • Accent Training • Parkinson's Disease • Aphasia


HIMARK Speech and Voice LLC is a voice therapy and accent coaching private practice based in New Jersey. We work with clients across the state to improve their ability to communicate with confidence. Whether you are a professional looking to master your American English accent, a singer healing from vocal nodules, or a trans-spectrum individual seeking support to alter your communication style, we will develop a personalized program to support you in reaching your goals.

Voice therapy utilizes evidence-based strategies to help you maintain the health and resiliency of your voice, heal from vocal pathologies such as nodules, or chronic hoarse voice, and strengthen your voice as you age so you feel more confident no matter where you are speaking.

Work with a compassionate voice therapist to explore how your voice and speech impact your daily life. Together we will address communication from a holistic viewpoint to build and improve your self-confidence across all communication environments.

American English Accent Training

Debra understands your accent is part of who you are but can impact your communication in certain situations. Accent coaching will allow you to improve your confidence and trust you are being understood when you speak on the phone, at work, in an interview, or on the stage.

MEET Debra Holtzman, M.S., CCC-SLP

Debra Holtzman, voice therapist
certified voice therapist new jersey

Debra brings over 2 decades of experience as a speech-language pathologist to Himark Speech and Voice. She obtained her M.S. degree in Speech Pathology from Teachers College, Columbia University. She is also a trained actor and founded Himark to combine her two passions into a specialized boutique practice focused on voice, public speaking, and accent training. Debra is also trained in both LSVT and SPEAK OUT!, evidence-based therapy programs for people with Parkinson's disease (PD) and other neurological conditions.


In her commitment to providing effective and efficient therapy, Debra continues to pursue continuing education and advanced training to access the latest evidence-based treatment methods to support her clients in achieving their goals. Debra's eclectic and holistic approach allows her to personalize her therapy and coaching to each client's specific needs. Debra combines real-life and functional activities with direct instruction in her sessions so each client develops skills that will translate to their daily lives. 

Debra's thoughtful, caring, and engaging personality allows her to create a welcoming and comfortable environment where her clients can feel at ease with what they are going through. Schedule a free consultation call with Debra to discuss your needs and goals today. 

Meet Debra

Getting started with HIMARK

Begin with a free phone consultation call. You can reach out to us directly at 973-348-5338 or use the form in the Contact Section below to get in touch.



During your initial 20-minute phone consultation call, you will have the opportunity to ask Debra any questions you have, discuss your concerns, and make a plan that will support you in achieving your goals. 

During your initial session, Debra will begin with an evaluation to determine the underlying factors contributing to your challenges and to develop a comprehensive picture of your skills, goals, and priorities. 


Once services begin, Debra will track your progress to ensure you are meeting your goals and developing the skills for ongoing success. 


Getting Started
Transgender telepractice voice therapy in Morristown

THERAPY where you are most comfortable

Therapy takes place over Zoom, in your home, or at select locations throughout the community, allowing you to access expert and compassionate care where you are most comfortable.

In-person services are offered to clients throughout the Greater Morristown, NJ area. Online services are offered to clients located anywhere in New Jersey.

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